About Replacement Cars

“one of the most powerful automotive evaluation tools

for insurance companies”


  • Get New and Preowned Vehicle
  • Evaluations
  • Get Salvage Estimates
  • Determine Lemon Law Deductions
  • Determine actual original MSRP option’s from loss vehicles
  • Get a new Replacement Car delivered directly to your door!

Replacement Cars

Can help you settle with customers who have had the unfortunate “total loss” accident by providing you with quotes on new car pricing not yet found in the Kelly Blue Book.

Will find creative ways to transfer any collateral the customer may have endured during their previous purchase.
Provides personalized services to your customers, accompanying them to the dealership where our expert advisors will keep the customer from unwanted hassle and stress.

We pride ourselves in our commitment to our outstanding relationships with our customers and our abilities to make customers feel comfortable in their unfortunate circumstances. We know the relationship between the insured and the insurance company is important.

Real Time New Car Evalutations

Pre-Owned Vehicle Evalutations

Retail Salvage

Lemon Law Deductions


New Car Replacement

Replacement Cars: The Logical solution